Al Lisaili

Overlanding Desert Drive from Al Lisaili or Al Qudra 

Place :Al Lisaili, Dubai
Overlanding Drive

Now, it’s time to write about the desert overlanding trip from Al Lisaili to Al Qudra desert. Before we talk about the dune bashing experience, let me give you the insight about Lisaili town and some interesting facts about Al Lisaili, Dubai.

Al Lisaili is a desert settlement in Dubai and a place for camel farm, camel racing, RC plane flying, outdoor activities. Lisaili is one of the best places to spot the camels in nature.   

The township is also known for Marmoom Heritage Village where cultural events and camel racing will be conducted every year between October to April. 

Al Lisaili, also known as  Al Lusaylī which is located off the Dubai/Al Ain Highway (E66). 

Overlanding Experience

We reached the meeting point in Lisaili near the camel farm around 7:15 am. During the morning the desert started singing with breeze (stand storm), but we continued our drive as per the plan to cross the desert from Al Lisaili to Al Qudra desert. We were three cars in total starting with a warm up session, free flowing style driving across small technical dunes and moving on ridges or dune crests which gave us learning to balance the car toward gravity and slide down which was a real fun!  

After a while we reached to sand tracks inside the desert where farm camels are taken towards their farms as a daily routine. Once we crossed the track then again stepped into the desert area and thirty minutes later we were able to see oryx running inside the desert which was a wonderful experience and sightseeing. 

Our drive and vehicles were going as per the plan with small stuck in sands here and there with no major recovery needed. I remember around 12pm, one of our SUV 4×4 stopped working (4×4 not engaged) which was a major step back to all of us. 

We all were in the middle of nowhere inside the desert. We are left with two options in the beginning either go toward Al Qudra or go back the nearby track or starting point location. 

After our analysis and discussion, we all agreed that going back toward the track which we saw near to start locations is much easier to tow the car inside the desert. Towing is not easy as we think or we do it on the road. Here we are talking about towing the big SUV inside the desert which is a tedious job and requires a lot of effort, coordinations. 

Always teamwork wins which also happened to us finally after so much of struggle we all were reached the road by 3 pm. Though we all are tired in this trip but the amount of recovery and learning skill was amazing which helps everyone in their drives or overlanding trips without panic.

When you think of the desert, the first thing that comes to our mind is camels! 

Of Course, you can experience the camel farm, spend time with camels etc., in the United Arab Emirates. 

Camel Farm Visit in Dubai

You will get the authentic camel farm experience in Al Lisaili desert. Camel Farm Tour from Dubai is specially designed to give you and your loved one’s an authentic Emirati Camel Farm experience. You will find the following service which you avail and enjoy during your camel farm visits like Short Camel riding, Baby Goats Petting Session, Desert walk and Bedouin style stay. 

Interesting fact about Camels: 
Camels can walk distances of 10 to 15 kilometers per hour for continuous 10 hours, and carry loads of up to 300 kg. 
Camels can drink nearly 100 liters at a time and will endure thirst for 3 to 4 weeks

Al-Marmoom Heritage Festival

Al Marmoom Heritage Festival aims to promote the traditions and culture, while there are many events taking place but camels are an important component of the festival.  The camel racing season runs from October to April and it is free to watch. 

Located on E66 Tahnoun Bin Mohammed Al Nahyan Road (Dubai – Al Ain Road). It takes approximately 45 minutes driving from Dubai, United Arab Emirates. 

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Al Lisaili RC Flying Field 

Sky Hub RC Campus is located in Al Lisaili, 30 km from Dubai. It is a wonderful place for all radio controlled activities, especially for model aircraft. A place to meet hobby enthusiasts and see amazing planes flying.

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24.9497285, 55.5156367
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