Hatta Wadi Hub

If you are looking for scenic stay, adventurer type of person,  then Hatta is the treat for you. 

An hour and half drive from Dubai to reach Hatta town which is getting popularity among the adventure seekers, for families who want to spend a complete day by keeping the kids engaged, definitely for the couples. Hatta is one of the staycation destinations that should be on your radar.  

Free things to do at Wadi Hub


Hike near the border of Oman along the winding paths of the mountains where you will see various sandy patches and sharp rocks. The popular spot is located right behind the Hatta Dam which is one of the largest water bodies in Hatta.

Small Plunge

You can find the plunge at the beginning of the cycle or bike track and on the opposite side you can see the medium size signboard of “Hatta Wadi Hub”. Kids will definitely love the plunge by jumping and falling down, especially when they play with their friends and other kids. It will keep your kids engaged for an hour or more with activity engaged.  

Net Walkway

Walking in the few meters distant inside the net is a nice experience which helps us to understand and learn to balance our body. Of Course, your memory goes back to your school times, every activity is fun and you will be excited when you start walking with your friends or families. 

Pump Track

The name itself tells you what you can expect and how the experience would be! 

It is located close to the parking area and close to the mobile police station. The track is bouncy with solid sand, with small side sloping, a lot of small & big bouncy areas to make you enjoy the track what it is designed for. 

The track is approximately less than a kilometer (not measured) with a circle in design. You can get the feel of the experience from the below video. 

Pony and Horse Ride

Perfect for small kids under 6 yrs. A walk experience on top of a pony or camel where kids enjoy the ride with guards walking along with the pony or camel. Absolutely safe for kids, it will walk very slowly under the control of the guard. 


Based on the information I heard from the instructor, two types of zorbing is available. One with water inside the balloon like structure and the other one is without water. 

In hatta wadi hub, you find the zorbing with water for more safety in mind, they will allow kids above 6 years old for safety reasons. Nissan patrol is used to carry the zorbing ‘the big balloon’ to the top and also carry the people to drop them at the starting point. 

Mountain Carting

Quad bikes are available for short rides and its stage for kids to drive and get the off road feel. It is a single track with three circles where you will be driving within the place and it is surrounded by decorated car tyres for safety and making the boundary clearly marked. 

Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is one of the best ways to explore the Hatta hub. You can ride yourself without depending on any groups and explore the routes, scenic views by yourself. While riding around the mountains you will be crossing waters at two places if you take a green route which is ideal for beginners. 

We drove five times on the green trail with my kids, ages 5 and 9. The trail is absolutely safe, always people are around there to support you. You can also rent the bike or take your own bike absolutely no issues. Before starting the train get the support contact number from the bike shop and they will help you in any emergencies or help needed due to breakdown of your bike etcThe support team from bike shop will help you to repair and recover with their buggies. 

Infact, on our first ride we forgot to take enough water and in the middle of the trail my kid (5 yrs) started feeling thirsty and we left with no water. We got the help from other riders and we don’t know their name who helped us with the water which is a wonderful gesture you can see in the united arab emirates. I remember they told my kid that WoW at this age you are trying on this trail which we are finding ourselves challenging and they left us with smiles and thumbs up. 

The trails are divided into three types of routes to accommodate all experience levels: 

GREEN – for beginners, BLUE for intermediate, RED for experienced and BLACK for very skilled & experienced riders.


All routes and important junctions are marked with directional arrows and painted stones with colors which identify the trail types (Green, Blue, Red and Black). 

If you use off road maps, then it is simple you will find the trails in your offroad GPS map. 

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