Al Barari, The Farm Restaurant

Inside the magical world of Al Barari, The Farm Restaurant

The Farm, Al Barari is the perfect place to have food, a beautiful outdoor space, and spend quality time with your family in relaxed weather (Nov-Feb/Mar). 

Gorgeously lush and unique dining experience offers a perfect escape. The drive up to the farm takes you away from the busy desert city, into a lush tropical paradise. 

The restaurant is divided into sections including the indoor shop area that sells local and fresh produce, the middle indoor eating area.

The Farm is known for its relaxing and tranquil setting amongst the natural lakes, waterways, and gardens.

The lake is the spectacular attraction point of the lush botanical gardens. Surrounded by thick green tree’s it’s hard to imagine it’s in the middle of the desert.  

By the time you arrive at The Farm, you will notice that the only audible sounds are those of flowing water and chirping birds. The Farm restaurant has a kid’s play area, which is child-proof and completely safe. So, take all your time and enjoy your meal!

Their kids’ menu is appealing enough too. Whether it’s mac and cheese, spaghetti, burgers.

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