Wadi Saham-Petroglyph

Wadi Saham is a seasonal water stream in Fujairah, United Arab Emirates. The place is known for its petroglyphs which includes a single rock bearing 26 petroglyphs across four faces.

The major petroglyph assemblage in the wadi is focused on a single rock, to the side of the road, with a large number of horse riders depicted, as well as geometric shapes such as the letter I and cruciform images.

Snake motif on petroglyph. Snake motifs are a common characteristic of Iron Age decorations in the United Arab Emirates.

More than 31 petroglyph sites have been found in Fujairah in the nearby sites of Wadi Hayl, Hassat Al Risoom (called as ‘Rock with Drawings’) close to the village of Roweida, and Wadi Al Shanah.

Petroglyphs gives us valuable insights into past occupants of the country, they have been dated to between 1300 and 300 BCE. Some dates for the petroglyphs have been advanced as early as the Bronze Age.

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