In Search Of Lost Hidden Well

In search of a lost well which was only the water source for all animals, birds, plantations. We all know the water in the desert will not survive for long, but this well survived for a longer period than we understood (we didn’t do any background checks). 

 In the UAE, most adventurers or fun lovers go to the desert in the early morning or evening depending on the weather and groups. This time we (three friends) decided to go on an exploration drive in search of a lost well in the middle of the desert. 

We all drove this route many times but the focus was dune bashing, never thought of exploring the hidden gems around Al Madam, Sharjah. 

The drive started from the famous place called Sony Ericsson, almost every offroader knows this route. In the olden days, this was the only tower existing in the village and later the Ericsson tower became an iconic spot. 

The total time we traveled 45Km in 4 hours and 30 minutes, as you are aware the drive includes breaks, recovery times. 

Hamad well will be spotted easily with the signboard (24.83285, 55.71682), all the way you will see the fences kept for conservation reserve area. Once you reach the signboard you will find a lot of trees which cover the well. You will have to walk and go inside the tree areas to be watchful of living animals including snakes, after a small walk you reach the well. Also, you can find a few power generators which are not in use now but were used in the past. 

You can view or download the route Click Here

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