Wadi Naqab to Baqal and Sheri Village

The Best UAE Trails: Hike from Wadi Naqab to Sheri Village. 

Weather is changing during October in the United Arab Emirates, the climate during the early morning and night is getting better. Yes, the winter season is starting, all outdoor activities are in action. 

We planned for the beautiful intermediate hike towards Wadi Naqab surrounded by mountains, villages, and small water pools. 

Wadi Naqab is a seasonal watercourse also called a wadi, located in the Hajar Mountains of Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates.

We joined a group who are specialists in hiking activities, especially in the United Arab Emirates. The plan was to meet at 5 am and the briefing was expected to finish at 5:30 am then the hike started. We were a group of 12 people and all parked cars at this location (25°42’15.0″N 56°03’56.0″E). Always remember wadi is surrounded by mountains and villages where people live, commute, and do farming, please don’t block your cars at the path or paved roads.

The wadi Naqab is a popular hiking destination within the United Arab Emirates, as the wadi cuts into the Yanas Mountain and at the same time there is no road route and ambulances cannot reach for any rescue during an emergency situation. The wadi is a natural habitat for venomous snakes and spiders. There is almost no mobile network coverage so, please always go with an experienced team to avoid rescues. In the end, we are hiking to enjoy the beauty of nature. 

Caution: Trail is intermediate+ due to elevation gain (approx 829 m above). This hike is NOT suitable for complete beginners who have never hiked or do not have routine exercise or walking etc., 

The trail follows a wadi route of large boulders and reaches the steep ancient stairway that leads to the plateau. The views at the top are breathtaking, where villages of farmers are still doing agriculture. 

While the wadi and the mountains are beautiful and spectacular, it’s also quite nerve-wracking, especially when it rains. The water flow from the valley shuts down roads, sweeps away cars, and washes into local homes. Please do not ever attempt to visit Wadi Naqab even during the rainy season!

At the top of the summit, we all gathered for 30 min to relax, selfies, enjoy the mountain nature, and share food, fruits with little conversations to get to know each other. Now, it’s time to take a group picture and start to leave towards the car parking. I learned two things in this hike: going up and coming down from the mountains, loose rocks are different skills. It is mandatory to engage in some sort of exercise as part of our routine life which is important. 

You can view or download the route Click Here

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