Saraya Island

Saraya Island is the unique landscape of sea with the background view of Hajar mountains. The island is the turquoise waters of the bay located few kilometres away from Ras Al Khaimah.

Place: Saraya Island, Ras Al Khaimah
Beach, Sand track, Camping, 4×4 preferably


In the past the saraya Island was created for development hotels, villas, shopping centers, restaurants, and entertainments etc.,. The project was suspended and there have been no updates on construction plans since 2009. Now, the island has become a paradise for campers.

You follow the coordinates (25°53’09.1″N 56°00’57.1″E) to reach the entrance to saraya island which takes you to a bridge at the north end of Al Rams, RAK. Before the bridge you will see the warning sign board stating it’s military base camp and not to park the car & take photos / videos from the bridge.

After you cross the bridge you keep the left side track and on the right side you will have an open sea along with more tracks to follow. Continue to the left side which is easy to travel with a sedan upto certain limit and you can park your car then take a small walk to make your own tent in front of the secret beach.

You will find horses and camels farm alongside the drive (right side).

Please be cautious that some of the terrains are wetland especially close to lake views (left side) and your car may get stuck.

During weekends, the Island is usually busy and noisy with people having fun with their off-road vehicles and buggies even during the night times.

I didn’t take more pictures to give you the feel of the location and lakeside villa views which is mesmerizing. But one thing I can tell you is that Saraya Island will give you an international camping experience.

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25°53’09.1″N 56°00’57.1″E (starting point)
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