Crossing ”Tropic of Cancer”

Place: Northern edge of Rub’ al Khali desert
Camping, Desert, only 4×4

Liwa – Surrounded by desert on all sides

Although most of the Arabian Desert is in Saudi Arabia, it also extends to include Jordan, Iraq, Kuwait, Oman, UAE, Yemen and Qatar.

When we think of vacation and the places to visit, deserts do not often come to our mind instantly. Lush green and beach are more popular destinations and considered as places to visit. Desert landscape’s stunning beauty is worth the visit.

With the breeze blowing designs into the rises, that can be discovered no place else, the animals that figure out how to make due there, and the plants that flourish under the singing warmth and absence of water, the desert is a spot to wonder about. The way that it is seldom visited implies that there is a great deal more secret around the rich characteristic assets that exist in it.

Abandoned 4×4 Truck

Generally utilized for rise slamming or infrequent outdoors, the warmth of the sun in the day and the chills of the night – in addition to the idea of snakes and scorpions – imply that the vast majority will in general remain away. Desert springs give coolness to the eyes, while the Bedouins who live there ages down oversee either with a water system or regular water sources. A portion of the deserts in the Middle East are wealthy ever, while others are a miracle essentially on the grounds that they are a piece of nature. We consider all abandons the equivalent, yet various zones mean various shades of sand, with various arrangements, and in this manner diverse life shapes as well.

A Palace in the middle of ‘No-where’ ?

Transporting camels to the local farms

The Arabian Desert covers a huge piece of the Middle East, including Saudi Arabia, Oman, United Arab Emirates and Yemen. It contains Rub al Khali which is one of the world’s biggest nonstop sand bodies. The desert has a scope of highlights from red ridges to a sand trap, just as animals like gazelles, oryx, sand felines, and sharp followed reptiles. At the point when individuals consider Middle East deserts, immense earthy colored scenes ring a bell. Indeed, even with that vision, the desert is an amazing sight.

People who works in the farm serving camel milk for us (guests)

Camping under the beautiful sky

It won’t stagger me to hear that this desert is hot and dry. At any rate two or three people are surprised at the amazing degree of temperatures. Daytime temperatures of 50 degrees Celsius are average yet the area likewise has low evening time temperatures by and large actuating ices and dew, particularly in the conventionally wet regions. With a yearly precipitation of under 33 mm, the locale is assigned being hyper-exceptionally dry and a genuine desert in every notion of the word.

Splendid Sunrise Desert 

Sunrise and Sunset hours are the best ideal opportunity for exciting undertakings to desert. At the early hours, you have the opportunity to save in front of the bustling timetables arranged during the day. During the dawn hours, the climate is cool and lovely

The middle-east desert covers an area of approximately 900,000 sq. mi. It is the second largest desert in the world with only the Sahara being larger.

The dry fine nature of the sands construes that buildup storms routinely happen, a segment of the time as frontal frameworks with astounding breezes and at different occasions by virtue of an intermittent desert turns, known as Shamals which happen from December to January and May to June. During these tornadoes, the sand is generally basically lifted a little route over the ground level creation noticeable quality and travel badly designed. Now and again the sands might be lifted to a more basic level by the activity of Dust Devils which are tornadoes of a long range.

Best time to visit empty quarter is between December to January and May to June.

Driving among massive dunes

If you like driving, the road that goes to Tal Moreb passes by vertiginous sand mountains that will make you want to stop at every one. The journey is another great thing to do in Liwa.

Crossing the ”Tropic of Cancer”

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