Wadi Tayyibah

Discover the beautiful village of Tayyibah

Tayyibah is a village located in Fujairah surrounded by Hajar mountains, United Arab Emirates. 

We started to move toward tayyibah to explore the wadi drive after we finish our breakfast at the Halah, Hajar mountains where we camped the previous night.

We can say this drive is one of the best wadi drives with beautiful canyons throughout the wadi tayyibah. Few motorbike enthusiasts were crossing us during the morning drive and filming the bike drive. 

While you drive and explore the beauty of tayyibah wadi, please mindful and respect the people who live and some places belong to private. 

Along the wadi drive, you will get an opportunity to climb which gives you a fantastic scenery view and feels like you are on the mountain top. 

Mostly the wadi tayyibah is used for farming fruits and vegetables for their needs and we believe many residents are moved to the tayyibah suburb.  

The wadi drive took approximately 1.20 hours including our stops for photos and climbing trails etc., Total distance we covered in our wadi drive is 16.5 km, moving time is 1 hour.

The village of Tayyibah is known for its Hiking trails, Heritage Museum (25.414422206247952, 56.167247118812895), and Al Qalaa Lodge (25.413425326903877, 56.167455553122494).

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