Kudremukh Trek

Unforgettable peak trek In Karnataka

Kudremukh is the most beautiful trek in Karnataka. This mountain range and the name of a peak is famous for its biodiversity and scenic beauty. The name Kuduremukha means horse-faced and refers to a particular picturesque view of a side of the mountain that resembles a horse’s face. This unique place is located in Chikkamagaluru district, in Karnataka, India.

The key feature of Chikmagalur is Coffee plantations. To catch a good glimpse of Coffee plantations while trekking in this region and having a cup of fresh hot coffee.

How to Reach Kudremukh National Park?

Located at a distance of 96 km from the district of Chikmagalur, this trekking would let you explore the beauty of forests. This adventurous trekking experience to Kudremukh and freshen yourself with wonderful views from the top of the horse-faced peak.

1.Kurinjal peak1159 m altitude7 km trek route
2.Gangadikal peak1465 m altitude 4.5 km trek route
3.Vaalikunja peak1089 m altitude9 km trek route
4.Narasimha Parvatha 1159 m altitude18 km trek route
5.Seethabhoomi1473 m altitude14 km trek route

UNESCO World Heritage Site

Third highest peak after Mullayanagiri and Bababudangiri. The trek to Kudremukh is one of the most exciting treks in this region. The beauty of the Western Ghats as you walk up the trail. The Western Ghats is considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site for their natural beauty and being an icon of environmental balance.

Beautiful Scenery of Clouds Kissing the Mountains

Rolling green hills, forest trails, bamboo shrubs, whistling birds, more than ten waterfalls, and the most beautiful scenery of clouds kissing the mountains. The scenery keeps changing on the trek. Enjoy trekking to the 3rd highest peak of Karnataka, Kudremukh Trek, at an altitude of 6,207 ft. above sea level.

Explore the Rich Wildlife

Trekking inside the Shola forest is a local name for grassland, and shrublands are visible in the western ghats. You have to trek through the shola forest to reach the Kudremukh peak. While trekking, you can spot deer and peacocks on the way amongst other wildlife. This mountain is home to many plants and animals like Deer, Lion-tailed macaque, Malabar giant squirrel, Leopard, common Langur, and many more. During monsoon season, this area is covered with mist completely.

Elniru Waterfall

The Elniru fall is a huge waterfall and full of energy. That feeling of the water on your face is happiness. Elniru means sweet coconut tastes similar to coconut water. The sound of the water falling at Somawathi falls and before you get on to the forest trail stays with you for a distance.

Best Time to Visit

The trek starts from the Kudremukh forest office. For getting permission to reach the forest office as soon as possible.

Trekking on Sunday is a better decision compared with Saturday. Because it tends the trail of Kudremukh is very crowded on the weekend. The Forest Department restricts the number of trekkers to trek to the Kudremukh Peak.

Must-do for anyone who is looking for some peaceful, serene place. The best season to do the Kudremukh trek is from June to February. You can see many small streams, dark shola forest, bamboo shrubs tall enough to touch the sky, and rolling green hills during the monsoon and winter season.

Kudremukh Peak Trek Distance: 20-22 km (to and fro) – To reach the top of the peak takes above 5 hours.

To Reach Kudremukh:

By Air

The nearest airport for the Kudremukh is Mangalore Airport. It is 92 kilometers away. The next closest one is Kempegowda International Airport, which is about 290 kilometers away.

By Train

The closest railway stations would be Mangalore Railway Station and Bangalore Railway Station.

By Road

Buses start from Mangalore, Bangalore, Kalasa, and Horanadu to Kudremukh a regular time span.

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