Sweihan Pond

Place : Sweihan, Abu Dhabi
Natural pond in the desert

Sweihan pond, It’s just a small pond. A short trip and hang around with friends or family will be a great relaxing place. This pond is a relatively remote body of water with very little, lasts almost the entire year.

Sweihan pond is located in the northeast of Abu Dhabi Emirate. In the middle of an arid desert, the lake and the lush green area surrounding it have an imaginary look. When you look in any direction from the pond, it is just sand as far as the eye can see except for this patch. The pond is located at a considerable distance away from all the major city centers.

The place is so peaceful and serene. If you plan to spend an evening with your loved one or friends and enjoy some quiet time, Sweihan Pond is your option. This place soaks away any travel aches and pains.


Desert safari is a wonderful way to experience the beauty of the desert. Deep into the heart of the desert. Drive through the desert all you see mile after mile is red, rolling dunes. Maybe some occasional trees or shrubs, but otherwise a dry, red sandscape accompanied with adventure, thrill, fun, and entertainment.

Travel across the desert in a 4×4 vehicle and enjoy several photo stops during an exhilarating dune drive over the golden desert sands. You will be driving through some truly fascinating scenery. The journey to the desert is a wonderful adventure in its own right as much as being in the heart of the dunes is.

 This is also an excellent destination. Since the weather was nice and based on a suggestion, we headed to the Sweihan Natural Pond, a nice little pond famous enough. Find out more about the best places to visit with our list of the popular posts.  

About Pond

The Sweihan area groundwater is mainly used for irrigation purposes. The intensive agricultural activities caused depletion and contamination of the groundwater due to heavy uses of organic and chemical fertilizers, as well as heavy pumping. 

Nearby places to visit

The National Centre for Research of the Birds uses this village for research. The world’s largest single solar panel “The Noor Abu Dhabi” solar farm is located near to the town. This solar plant has 3.2 million solar panels.  

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24°22’30.7″N 55°11’52.0″E
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