Explore Oman’s Al Hajar Mountain in 4 days

Off-road expedition is a unique adventure experience

800 km in 4 days.
3 nights camping in the georgoes west mountains views.

Places to explore

  • Wadi Al Abyad
  • Wadi Bani AWF
  • Hike in Snake Canyon
  • Balad Sayt village
  • Misfat Al Abriyyin village
  • Al Hamra
  • Al Hoota Cave
  • Nakhur Gorge
  • Grand Canyon of Oman
  • Jabal Shams
  • Wadi Damm
  • Ayn Beehive Tombs
  • Jabal Al Akhdar


​Adventure begins when the road ends!

Start driving towards Wadi Al Abyad, a one-hour ride.

Wadi Al Abyad is famous for its beautiful water pools. An easy walk will take you through the wadi to the town called Al Abyad.

After lunch, drive to wadis in Oman, Wadi Bani AWF.


​Visit the picturesque village of Balad Sayt. Then visit the Al Hoota Cave.

After lunch drive towards the old village of Al Hamra 400-year old mud brick houses which explains to you the ancient history.

The following destination is Misfat Al Abriyyin, which is regarded as one of the picturesque villages with terraced farms and old houses along the mountainside.


​​Visit An Nakhur Gorge via the Grand Canyon. You can see the ascent cliffs while crossing the gravel track.

Next drive towards Wadi Damm with its hidden Wadi pools. Have a short walk up the and start to swim.

Beehive Tombs at A Ayn UNESCO ancient settlement. The tombs are dated from the early Bronze Age and are the oldest human structures found in Oman.


The endmost day with the beautiful city of Tanuf. Our last highlight will be Jabal Al Akhdar.

Drive to Jabal Al Akhdar, which is often called the “Green Mountain”, an elevation of approximately 2.000 meter and has almost a Mediterranean climate.


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