Farm Stay(Dibba)

You Should Experience Farm Stay At Least Once In Your Lifetime And Here’s Why.

Why Farm Stays Are Becoming Popular

Vacations have always meant going to sunny beaches or camping up in the hilly mountains for people across the country. However, in recent times, this trend has begun to change. People are discarding the luxurious hotels and the expensive adventure sports.

Also known as agro-tourism which is gaining a lot of popularity in recent days. People are flattering more and more conscious of sustainability.

While farmers markets bring fresh food to all of us,. But why vacation on a farm? Here are some reasons to stay on the farm.

Connect with nature

Where else can you snuggle a baby chick, hand feed a goat, practice your best cow sound and eat under a gorgeous shade tree? Your family can do all of that and more when you vacation on a farm.

Our family has enjoyed the Dibba farm stay, and I’ve never felt more relaxed and more connected to nature. There is nothing like the up-close experience of taking care of the animals, learning about where your food comes from and spending truly intentional family time together.

Connect with the animals

Farm is not a typical zoo. Your kids will get to care for animals and play with their new furry and birds. We’ve watched our children grow in confidence and learn so much from the farm stay. They respect and love the animals when they have met. They also know exactly where their food comes from.

Connect with each other

A farm stay allows your family to spend time together learning, playing and connecting like never before. Always remember family time is precious.

The most travel memories were created during our farm stay. We do our best to unplug and take full advantage of the beauty around us. It is so fun to watch as our kids explore, get dirty and grow together.

Reasons to Choose a Farm Stay for Your Next Vacation

  • It is all about the experience.
  • It is about living in the countryside.
  • It is about experiencing life with real animals.
  • It is about outdoor adventures.
  • It is about the experiencing local food.

Next time, when you sit down to plan your family vacations, visit Dibba Farm Stay ( www.uaeeastcoast [dot]com ). We promise you won’t be disappointed, If you like nature and not looking for resort kind of stay.

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