About Us

Smile is an International Language

Our goal is to inspire others to live an adventurous life, as well as provide helpful trip ideas for people with limited vacation time.

We started building this website to create our travel diary for memories and to share with our friends. We are not professional bloggers. Our aim is to share pictures, videos with visitors to understand the landscape before you decide to visit the place.

Our blog contents follow the first-person narrative and it is a mode of storytelling in which we recount events from our own point of view using the first person such as “I”, “us”, “our”, and “ourselves”.

All the videos and pictures are taken by the enthusiastic crew team (our family members).

We are still catching up to update the places we loved it. We are writing the contents during our weekends or especially long holidays.


4×4 Travelled – 1,105 KM

Climbed – 5,329 Meters

Recorded – 23 Tracks

We drive offroad to reach some incredible, breathtaking places.

Overlanding Team


Yes, we call him “camel”. He loves desert, mountains & offroading drives in short our camel loves nature.

He is passionate about taking photographs, helping hands to set up our camping units, and packing back to our rig.


He is our little cat at our home, loves travelling in the car, offroading, camping.

At this time our cat is learning the nature, Overlanding trips and camping works etc.,