Wadi Shawka

Are you looking for a hike, mountain off-roading, Mountain biking, natural pond swimming then Wadi Shawka is the answer!

Place: Wadi, Ras Al Khaimah
Camping, Mountain, Wadi, 4×4

Located on the Eastern exteriors of the Ras Al Khaimah Emirate, it is an hour-long drive from Dubai. Surrounded by Hajar Mountains, suitable for most age groups and fitness levels, this trail also has room for picnics and overnight camping along the way.

Depending on season you might be lucky to come across the natural pools where you can go for a swim.


No 4×4 car is required to reach this place, mostly tarmac road where you can leave your car at start of your hiking.

Of Course cycling too…


All you need is undoubtedly a 4×4 car and ready for an adventure drive. You can start from this point: 25°05’49.3″N 56°02’16.2″E and keep driving until you reach the place where the valley is at its widest point. If it’s raining then you can expect a lot of water pools and more fun to do water crossing (not river of course).

Go Camping

Shawka will be the acclaimed spot for outside in the United Arab Emirates. It doesn’t surprise at all because not simply its beautiful incorporating is mentioning staying here for night and breathing the common air far from the city lights yet moreover its wide selection of exercises around. So following a whole day balanced with climbing and going 4×4 offroading and taking a rest under the sky.

How to get to Wadi Shawka Dam:

  • Head east on the E102 which can be joined from the E611.
  • Turn off at the Shawka junction – about 10 minutes past the junction for Maliha.
  • Drive through the small village of Shawka and turn right at the signpost for Wadi Shawka Dam.
  • Continue along the tarmac road up to dam’. From Dubai the journey time is around 60 minutes.
  • No 4×4 needed

Recommended supplies

  • Hiking boots although a good pair of trainers with good ankle support would do.
  • Suitable clothing depending on season.
  • A hat and sun protection.
  • Lunch and plenty of water.
  • A charged mobile phone – there is a phone signal throughout the hike.

Road trip checklist

CAMPING GEAR: Easy pop-up tent, sleeping bag or sheet depending on time of year, pillow or blow up mattress for comfort and foldable camping chairs.

COOKING EQUIPMENT: Campfire grill, lighter and lots of delicious food.

ESSENTIALS: In case of emergencies, take extra water and a power bank to charge up your phone if you need to call for assistance.

Get Coordinates
25°05’49.3″N 56°02’16.2″E
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