Shuweihat Island

Place: Ruwais, Abu Dhabi
Beach, Camping, Island

Shuweihat Island has gorgeous rocky beaches and beautiful cliffs. I would say this is one of the best places in the UAE to visit several times. Lovely location for campers. Great memories are made on such a beautiful island.

Shuweihat Island located in Abu dhabi is a beautiful gift of nature and full of natural rock formations with canyon style textures. The most popular attraction in this island is the beach and red rock formation. A Muddy road connecting this island. This is beautifully constructed with the touch of nature.

The water is wonderful with a smooth color gradient because the water is shallow. Traveling to Shuweihat Island takes some time to reach. It is best to go there to spend time with loved ones.

The best season to visit this island is the winter season. Fresh air, clear sea, red rock dunes and the quality of being peaceful and calm.

Driving to Shuweihat Island from Dubai:

To travel from Dubai, to drive towards Abu Dhabi and go past it towards Ruwais, which will take you around 3 hours. Along the way you will see the Etihad Rail, which is nice to see.

The drive is easy in the 160km per hour zone in the Al Dhafra region of Abu Dhabi. You will pass the town of Ruwais and take the turn towards Al Hamra Airport which will eventually lead you to Shuweihat Island.

The Ruwais Mall:

This is the only mall in Ruwais and though. You have some coffee, eat, and shop groceries in Lulu. There is a community feeling here like everyone knows everyone.

From the mall go back on the road to go past Ruwais town, take the exit to Adnoc petrol station and go towards a small airport. It will take you around 30 minutes to arrive at the island.

Scenic place for photography and photographer:

Shuwaihat Island is a scenic place for photography. Especially good for bird photography because you will find lots of bird species closer to the mangroves. To go around Sila beach which is a long stretch of coastal road for a pretty place to camp.

Perfect sunset view:

The view is spectacular at sunset to anyone who enjoys nature. Best place to relax and enjoy the sea breeze. It is a little away from the main town and hence offering a calm and relaxing environment to enjoy the sea. Shuweihat Island is one of the unique places where you can see the sunset in the sea. At the time of sunset, the sea looks orange, the wet rocks, and the clean shores make this place highly photogenic.

Need to do:

⦁ Carry your food, water and other requirements
⦁ Try to reach there before it gets dark and enjoy the sunset.
⦁ Avoid night travel
⦁ Bring along all your camping essentials
⦁ To pack all the trash back with you

Enjoyable things:

⦁ Shuweihat island is a gateway for getaway and quiet, photogenic
⦁ Kayak for added fun
⦁ Rock climbers can also enjoy
⦁ If you have time to spend full day and night

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