In Search Of Lost Hidden Well

In search of a lost well which was only the water source for all animals, birds, plantations. We all know the water in the desert will not survive for long, but this well survived for a longer period than we understood (we didn’t do any background checks).   In the UAE,…

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4 Deserts and 80 km in Four and Half Hours

We covered the most famous tourist dune bashing areas with a distance of 80 km. Considering the weather during the daytime where the heat goes above 45 degrees, we decided to start our early in the morning at 5:45 am start time. Everyone reached on or before 5:30 am and…

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Stunning view of Fossil Rock

Marine fossils dating back 70 million years Fossil Rock is a stunning location in Sharjah and a perfect desert for dune driving, hiking, camping to do in the country.  Drive to Fossil Rock for an unforgettable experience camping, trekking or hiking where you can surround yourself with the most scenic…

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