Nissan Pathfinder (R51)


2012 Nissan Pathfinder R51 V6




Liwa Desert Camping 2018, Wadi drives, Dune bashings

Why do we love this beast?

If you love off-roading and your Nissan – so why not use your 4 wheel drive the way it was designed to be used? 

Simply, Its power

Ironman4x4 Foam Cell Pro

Foam Cell Pro is the culmination of more than 60 years of suspension experience and represents the pinnacle of shock design by focusing on strength and reliability in all aspects.

Skid Plate (8mm thickness)

To protect the undersurface of the Nissan Pathfinder R51 series from any damages during the offroading, the skid plates were installed which are made of steel 8 mm thickness. The skid plate protects the radiator, differentials, and transfer box while dune bashing and while performing other off-roading drives.

Skid plates may seem like an additional expense for your car. But they are an essential component that you shouldn’t guide away from. It’s important that skid plates can save some of the most expensive and crucial parts of your car from massive damage. 

With a simple installation and extensive lifespan, the skid plate can prove to be the perfect answer to your car safety concerns during offroading.


Things to get you home when something goes wrong


Tire Inflator: Air Compressor (TJM)

Tire Deflator

Offroad Navigation: Motion X & Gaia GPS

3M Tinted windows (50%)

TJM Recovery Point

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