Wadi Shaabon

Place: Wadi, Salalah, Oman
Camping, Wadi

Oman is located in a parched district; precipitation is restricted and sporadic over a significant part of the nation. Mean yearly precipitation in the seaside fields and desert zones is generally low. In mountain territories, in any case, where precipitation is more noteworthy, it gives a wellspring of normal revival to various springs incorporating those in the inside and waterfront zones.

Surface water contribution by aflaj springs and not many lasting channel streams and groundwater as daudi aflaj and wells. A few regions indicated extreme water lack due to over-reflection, in Al Batinah and Salalah waterfront regions saline interruption hopeless harm to the spring. Desalination of ocean water which turns into a significant supporter of water gracefully where normal water assets are inaccessible or deficient.

Most of the water will be stored during the ‘Khareef’ or monsoon season to be used later in irrigating different saplings of plants to create a ‘green belt’ of 1,000 metres annually in Dhofar.


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16°59’22.7″N 53°49’03.9″E
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