Stunning view of Fossil Rock

Marine fossils dating back 70 million years

Fossil Rock is a stunning location in Sharjah and a perfect desert for dune driving, hiking, camping to do in the country. 

Drive to Fossil Rock for an unforgettable experience camping, trekking or hiking where you can surround yourself with the most scenic mountain in Sharjah, UAE. The formation reveals information about the planet and early species, with marine fossils dotting the crevices. The nearby Mleiha Archaeological Centre also offers guided treks, offering visitors a deeper understanding on the history of the UAE and early life in the desert.

If you’re looking for nature, history and adventure, then the fossil rock is the destination on your list of places to visit in Sharjah.

6 reasons to visit Fossil rock 

  1. Fossil Rock is an hour drive to reach stunning desert mountain view
  2. Fossils dating back 70 million years.
  3. Surrounding outstanding natural beauty
  4. Mleiha Archeological Centre will provide you with guided hikes of Fossil Rock
  5. Sunsets
  6. Wedding Photoshoot

Trails :

Fossil Rock loop is about a 10 kilometer moderate loop trai mainly for hiking located near Adh Dhayd, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates which offers scenic mountain views. 

Two hiking trails available. One is a small distance which may take an hour to reach the final point and then return back. It’s good for beginners and for families.

The other trail is a 3 hour hike along the entire stretch of the mountains and return is a walk through sand. The second trail is moderate level hike and not for beginners. 

Always carry plenty of water when you’re planning for hiking or visiting deserts. 

Photo Shoots

  1. Wedding Photos of Fossil Rock
  2. afternoon engagement session at fossil rock,
  3. pre-wedding engagement

Camping at Fossil Rock

Fossil Rock is also a favourite spot for campers, the dune buggy and 4×4 drivers which means you can expect the engine roaring music.

Mleiha Archaeological Centre

Mleiha Archeological Centre will provide you with guided hikes of Fossil Rock

The Archaeological Centre gives you an opportunity to learn about life in the region in years with a variety of historical interest displayed. 


Best places to see sunrise sun sunsets and direction towards west from the top of Fossil Rock or any viewpoint you like to stop.

Buggy Self-Drive Adventure 

You can also enjoy a self driving buggy drive for an hour with guidance of an experienced marshal who leads the convoy at the fossil rock location. 

ESSENTIALS: In case of emergencies, take extra water and a power bank to charge up your phone if you need to call for assistance.

Direction: Fossil Rock is found off the Sharjah-Kalba road – E102, approximately 55 km from Sharjah and nearby Mleiha. A 4×4 vehicle is necessary.

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25°08’31.2″N 55°50’00.7″E (starting point)
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