Balad Sayt Village

Place: Balad Sayt Village, Oman
Camping, Mountain, Wadi, Village, only 4×4
Bilad Sayt is a mountain village which is located on the north east of the Hajar Mountains near the highest peak of Jebel Shams. Bilad Sayt can be reached through Wadi Al Sahtan and Wadi Bani Awf from north east or via Al Hamra from the south west and it is only accessible by 4-wheel-drive vehicles. We stayed in the Shorfet Alalamin hotel and started our trip the next day. Alternatively, you can camp near to the hotel (GPS: 23°10’04.9″N 57°24’48.8″E) which is a spectacular view You can get refreshed, take a bath in the hotel which is paid for outsiders (not staying in a hotel) , the price is higher than the hotel available in Oman and the reason is transporting the water to the mountain is expensive.

Mountain traverses through a small settlement which is rugged terrain and in some places is the edge of the wadi that is a winding curve before reaching Bilad Sayt. The final approach to the village involves a steep climb and unsteady steep descent to reach the farm land view.


GPS: 23.166061, 57.424412


GPS: 23°12’05.7″N 57°23’29.9″E

Although many models of village life existed, typically the village is small, consisting of 5 to 30 families. Homes were situated together for sociability and defence, and surrounded by land.

One of our favorite village is the Balad Sayt in the middle of the Hajar Mountains in Wadi Bani Awf. It’s not an easy place to get to. You have to drive through risky unpaved mountain roads on steep grades and it has hairpin turns.

What makes the drive worth the risk taking is this little village. There isn’t much here but some houses, a mosque, probably a store, though I’ve never seen one, and a lot of plantations.

The village is a virtually attractive valley with green plantations and palm trees surrounded by tall mountains. We stopped the car close to the mosque, and we walked through its narrow alleys and traditional houses until we got to the old watchtower where the view of the entire village is fantastic..

If you want to try this fantastic off-road experience, we highly recommend a 4WD car.

Getting to Bilad Sayt took a little work – but it’s worth it as it’s one of the unique places to see in Oman . It was literally off the beaten path as we had to get there by 4×4 and then by foot through a water filled canyon and steep rocks.


Bilad Sayt can be reached through Wadi Al Sahtan and Wadi Bani Awf from NE or via Al Hamra from the SW and is only accessible by 4-wheel-drive vehicles.

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