Toyota LandCruiser 200


2018 Toyota LandCruiser 200 Series V6




Liwa Desert Camping 2018, Empty Quarter Oman 2019, 5 Emirates by Offroading 2020, Desert to Beach Camping 2020 (Al Ain & Abu Dhabi)

Why do we love this beast?

If you love off-roading and your Toyota – so why not use your 4 wheel drive the way it was designed to be used? 

A-TRAC stands for “Active Traction Control” which comes with the 2018 Toyota Land Cruiser EXR 4 models (CRAWL / MTS button).

While you have to manually turn this feature on and off, once it is on, it automatically detects wheel spin and distributes torque between the front and rear wheels to suppress unnecessary wheel spin and control skidding. A-TRAC detects when one or more wheels have lost traction and automatically applies the brakes to the wheel with no traction, allowing it to send power to the wheel with traction.

In order to activate A-TRAC, you must first put your vehicle in neutral, shift into 4LO and press the “A-TRAC” button and you will see the icon in your odometer screen area.

Dobinsons Monotube Remote Reservoir [MRR STAGE-3]

With serious 4×4 owners now pushing your vehicles through harder, harsher terrain with more accessories fitted to their 4×4’s than ever before Dobinsons saw the need for a no-compromise, performance engineered shock absorber that offers the ultimate in performance.

Skid Plate (8mm thickness)

To protect the undersurface of the LC 200 series from any damages during the offroading, the skid plates were installed which are made of steel 8 mm thickness. The skid plate protects the radiator, differentials, and transfer box while dune bashing and while performing other off-roading drives.

Skid plates may seem like an additional expense for your car. But they are an essential component that you shouldn’t guide away from. It’s important that skid plates can save some of the most expensive and crucial parts of your car from massive damage. 

With a simple installation and extensive lifespan, the skid plate can prove to be the perfect answer to your car safety concerns during offroading.


Ironman 4×4 awning is a fully enclosed room that provides complete privacy and shelter from the weather. It includes an integrated ceiling and PE floor that zips away for easy cleaning and simply attaches via any standard sail track, fastening in place via a zip and heavy-duty clips. 

There are 3 entryways into the room, each featuring an integrated external entry mat, an insect protection mesh window, and the option of a veranda on each entryway with the use of additional poles and guy ropes, which can be purchased separately. 

Easy vehicle access from inside the room has been included, with a zip-away access door.

Manufactured from high-performance water-resistant 300D ripstop polyester fabric and seam-sealed stitched to ensure water does not seep through.


Things to get you home when something goes wrong


Tire Inflator: Air Compressor (In-Built)

Tire Deflator

Offroad Navigation: Motion X & Gaia GPS

Tinted windows (50%)

Recovery Mounts

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