Zakher Lake

Place : Zakher Lake, Al Ain
Desert, Lake, Camping

Zakher Lake is a very small lake located in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates to Dubai is 164 km by road. A lovely stop on the way to Al Ain to enjoy a tranquil scenic view and capture some lovely photos. Zakher Lake is a manmade lake It was created from treated wastewater that was released onto land, which pushed up groundwater levels and eventually resulted in the development of a lake.

This rare water source in the desert has become a haven for a few lovely birds, small passerines, and raptors. Easily accessible from the Truck Road, it is open to the public at all times. Great for picnicking too. 

This artificial lake with a ribbon of reedbeds on three sides, surrounded by sand desert. Taking photos of the landscapes is a very nice experience. And also a small picnic area near the lake and BBQ areas are available.

There are a small number of shelters for picnic and for those happy to drive off-road.  The trees are providing shade and dunes for dune bashing. The combination of Lake with desert and mountains is just amazing.

A great location to connect with nature. We will be having a walk and a picnic around the lake. A perfect outdoor experience with family and friends. Wonderful ambiance with a very serene and neat lake located in the midst of the dunes.

The lake is easily accessible and some of the camel farms are there on the way. Since it is located around the desert.

Activities and Highlights:

  1. Best sites in the UAE for bird-watching 
  2. Enjoy Fishing
  3. Great location for overnight camping
  4. Walk and a picnic around the lake

Restaurants: Quick Mood Cafe and Desert Gate Restaurant
Hotel: One To One Hotel & Resort, Ain Al Faida
Nearest Airport: 160 km

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24°05’17.0″N 55°37’33.0″E
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