Al Bidya Mosque

Bidya mosque is located near the village of Al Bidya in the east coast emirate of Fujairah and 8km north of Khor Fakkan. It is located in between the hillside and Hajar Mountains. It still remains a mystery who built the mosque.

The Al Bidya also called as Al Badiyah which reflects Ottoman architecture and the origin largely remains a puzzle.

Al Bidya states back to 1446 between fifteenth century AD to 17th century.

The mosque is square (6.8 x 6.8 m) but irregular in shape, the height of its Mihrab is 180 cm with a width of 90 cm.

The mosque is located in a wide rectangular yard built from solid stone and mud.

The site can be compared with Jaalan Bani Bu Ali Mosque, Oman.

Similar mosques found in Yemen, Oman and Qatar.

The only difference is the number of domes. Al Bidya-4, others 7 & 12.

Know Before You Visit

Tourists are allowed to visit the mosque with modestly dressed and daily prayers are continuing.

Disclaimer: all these information are based on our understanding and collected details. Our aim is to give you an idea to visit and explore.

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