Exploration route from Najd Al Maqsar to Wadi Shees

A day trip to Khorfakkan , Rafisah dam, Najd Al Maqsar village

Najd Al Maqsar Village

Najd Al Maqsar village was reconstructed and restored as a part of tourism development and to preserve the archaeological sites.

The village comprises a number of old houses. Rocks engraved with drawings of camels and horses dating back to 2,000 years BC were found in the area of Wadi Shai. 

You will drive towards a small narrow road from the exit of the highway and will pass through a tunnel to reach the car parking which is available for the visitors.

Viewpoint area was also built to give opportunity to the visitors to see the farm lands and houses. 

Drive towards Khorfakkan road, Sharjah and you will be passing under the longest tunnels which are also part of the scenic drive. 

Al Rafisah Dam

You cannot miss the Al Rafisah dam which is located alongside the road which has a rest house, cafe, kids play area, mosque and boating. We are sure the kids will enjoy seeing and feeding food to the swan which can access this direction (25°20’45.6″N 56°18’21.8″E). 

During the holidays this place will be busy and finding car parking will be difficult or you have to wait for others to leave or exit the parking. 

After viewing the historic village you can drive through a sand track ( 25°20’56.2″N 56°19’06.0″E) for some kilometers to reconnect back to the highway roundabout. 

Wadi Shie

Wadi Shie archeological site is located on the way of sand track and you can explore the historic site which is located at 25°20’49.7″N 56°19’37.9″E

Wadi Shees

Wadi Shees is about 50 minutes towards Khor Fakkan. You can access the location using google map (25.28875512320285, 56.24871553943872). The wadi shees has facilities of hiking trails park, kids play area, supermarket. If you like the wadi track and scenic mountain then the wadi shees is the best route to drive. Except 2 or 3 places which are little technical where sedan cars may undergo stress, the suv vehicles will cross all sections easily. Avoid planning trips during the rainy season and avoid flash floods. 

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