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Al Lisaili

Overlanding Desert Drive from Al Lisaili or Al Qudra  Place :Al Lisaili, Dubai Overlanding Drive Now, it’s time to write about the desert overlanding trip from Al Lisaili to Al Qudra desert. Before we talk about the dune bashing experience, let me give you the insight about Lisaili town and…

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Wadi Maidaq

Place: Wadi Maidaq, Fujairah Wadi, Sand track, Camping, 4×4 preferably Maidaq town course takes you from bending bumpy landscape to undulating desert ridges, through ranches of lavender and vegetables, and past pools of brilliant, clear blue water. Driving along the edge of Ras Al Khaimah into Fujairah, this is a…

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Wadi Shaabon

Place: Wadi, Salalah, Oman Camping, Wadi Oman is located in a parched district; precipitation is restricted and sporadic over a significant part of the nation. Mean yearly precipitation in the seaside fields and desert zones is generally low. In mountain territories, in any case, where precipitation is more noteworthy, it…

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