Dalma Island

Dalma Island is one of the oldest known permanent settlements in the UAE.

Place : Delma Island, Abu Dhabi
Island, Camping

Dalma Island is the most popular place in Abu Dhabi. Dalma location and history are of explicit value for pre-Islamic and Islamic history. Today, Dalma Island is viewed as one of the best places for farming in the United Arab Emirates. It also served as an important centre of pearl trading and offering bountiful underground fresh water. 

Dalma Island, located in the Arabian Gulf belonging to the Government of Abu Dhabi , UAE had a historical and cultural role. It is an Emirati island located in the Persian Gulf approximately 42 kilometres off the coast of Abu Dhabi, 116 kilometres from Doha and 250 KM far from the capital city. It is the most populated island of the Emirate. Most of whom are fishermen or work on the island’s numerous farms. Surprisingly green, the island today has extensive vegetable fields and fruit orchards.

About Dalma Island, researches proved that in the 7th century AD, there were 5 main islands surrounding that is known as Bahrain, one of which was called “Talmon”. Around the trees of this island. Dalma Island is a great place to go to take a break from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Dalma Beaches

Beautiful quiet beach and important landmarks. The water of Dalma beaches are remarkable for serenity and purity, which is excellent for the whole family to swim and enjoy, as there are places far from the intrusion, and is characterized by privacy.

Mosques of Dalma:

Dalma town has several mosques, Al-Meraikhi, Al Dossary and Al-Mohannadi, all belonging to the Arab and Islamic architecture. One of the large mosques is colorfully decorated.

Dalma Museum:

The house of the late Mohammed Bin Jassim Al-Meraikhi, which is currently the Dalma Museum. This is a milestone on the history and authenticity of Dalma Island, as it represents a cultural point of contact between the boats sailors and traders of fabrics and pearls.

This is a landmark and clear evidence of the generosity of the people of the UAE. The late Mohammed Bin Jassim Al-Meraikhi was the most famous and the largest Pearl traders at Dalma Island in the Gulf. 

Mode of Travel to Dalma Island

The car ferry for Dalma

Need to use the ferry service to reach the island. The ship that carries passengers and cars to the island of Dalma. A cruise, however short, is always an unforgettable journey. At the upper deck, open air, delicious marine sun. Inside, in the fridge of the air conditioning, a very beautiful modern design, with different lounge corners. 

Ship Time: 7 am to 7 pm.

There are non scheduled flights weekly six days except Friday from Abu Dhabi  International Airport to Dalma island.

Flight Time: Approximately at 12 noon and 4 pm

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Coordinates (Ferry):
24°12’42.3″N 52°35’30.7″E

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