Sugar Dunes

The Stunning Sugar Dunes of Al Khaluf

The sugar dunes at Al Khaluf are a unique and magnificent natural paradise. Before approaching the Sugar Dunes area you will have a spectacular beach drive of more than 10 km.

Around a five-hour drive from Muscat to reach Al Khaluf which is a small fisherman village.

The large white sand dunes surpassing the Khaluf village are called as Sugar Dunes, along the breathtaking beach coast and near to Al Khaluf Caves which give you spectacular scenery.

Usually, the people who travel to sugar dunes are less unless they are nature lovers, do camping and off-road enthusiastically. It’s a magnificent camping spot where you can watch the sky full of stars in between the ocean and sugar white dunes which give you a lifetime experience.

Sand dunes are very soft in nature, travelling alongside beach tracks are accessible by 4×4 vehicles.

It is always advisable to go in a convoy of minimum three or more vehicles which is a standard off-road rule for your personal & family safety purposes.

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