Jebel Yanus

The mountains are good spiritual

Place: Ras Al Khaimah, Mountain
Moderate Offroad, Preferrabley 4×4, Scenic

I have never been an adventure seeker or outdoors lover until I started dune bashing and driving in the mountains. But more than driving in mountains, hiking in the mountains created more interest while we discovered hanging gardens, hidden oasis and people who are still living. I was able to feel the real connection with myself and nature.

Being encircled by the mountains powerfully affects something more profound. It’s as though being in the midst of an option that could be more noteworthy than ourselves, changes our viewpoint and knowledge on life and the things that truly matter. Some way or another easily, you can face your evil presences, rethink your issues or your objectives or your cravings.

Mountains has healing strength

Spending time out in the mountains really takes things back to basics. There is no wifi, no mobile service, no social media. It’s just you and mother nature.

This time spent without electronic devices or social media allows us to be in the moment and recognize the beauty of nature.

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