Wadi Sal

Extreme Adventures in Wadi Sal

Wadi Sal is an off road gravel track on the way to Jebel Jais. The route has a single entry-exit and the climb is steep at many places with loose small rocks.

This is one of our challenging off-road mountain drives so far after Wadi Bani Awf, Oman. Winter is the best time to explore the mountain terrains, gravel and steep mountain.

What is Wadi Sal ?

Wadi Sal is probably one of the steepest mountains we have ever been off-roading in the United Arab Emirates. It also offers plenty of opportunities for admiring small settlements and has exciting unpaved paths turning up to the village of Sal.

The drive to reach the mountain top will challenge you to have 4×4 vehicle. The roads are quite narrow and twisty on the way up to the mountains which also happens to be a two way street and is encircled by mountain goats.

Patience is the key to reach the mountain top!

  • Please remember the people who live in the village and they use these tracks for their daily commute.
  • No Off-roading or group drives.
  • Don’t take this route if you’re not up for extreme adventures and cannot handle off-roading.
  • You NEED a 4×4 vehicle to get to this place.
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