Sweihan Pond

Place : Sweihan, Abu Dhabi Natural pond in the desert Sweihan pond, It’s just a small pond. A short trip and hang around with friends or family will be a great relaxing place. This pond is a relatively remote body of water with very little, lasts almost the entire year….

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Hili Oasis

Place : Souq Al Qattara, Al Ain, Abu Dhabi Period: 1800 The Hili Oasis is the northernmost oasis in the Al Ain district, Abu Dhabi. The oasis contains several wonderful historic structures, including two watchtowers, and a fortified house. This oasis covers an area of 60 hectares and contains approximately…

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Dalma Island

Dalma Island is one of the oldest known permanent settlements in the UAE. Place : Delma Island, Abu Dhabi Island, Camping Dalma Island is the most popular place in Abu Dhabi. Dalma location and history are of explicit value for pre-Islamic and Islamic history. Today, Dalma Island is viewed as…

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