3000 years old Mother Goddess worshiped by Tamils

Symbol of Mother Goddess Worship

Since the beginning of the human race, women have been worshiped as deities in many countries around the world. Since ancient times, Tamils ​​have worshiped women as a symbol of fertility and strength. In the traditional folk worship of Tamils, women are worshiped as deities on a dignified basis.

Odiyanantham Visiriparai Sculpture refers to an anthropomorphic stone sculpture of Mother Goddess located in Odiyanantham Village, Kanal Vattam, Villupuram District, Tamil Nadu. This sculpture is carved out of a single stone. People call it bird stone and fan stone.

Among the sculptures found so far in Tamil Nadu, Visiriparai is the oldest. This can be considered as the starting point of the history of mother goddess worship of the old tamils.

By empowering women, the vibration they provide is important and real in the world of knowledge, education, and love. By increasing their credit and leverage, they can advance the community’s economic development activities.

You will enter into the gatch track after few mins of road drive into the village. The gatch track starting point at (Coordinates: 12.05592, 79.34480) you can drive about few meters and then start walking (small trekking)

After few mins of walking you will left side a small path where you continue walking. You will aslo find some burial places surrounded by small rocks and these are commonly find in his place which tells us the group of people or community lived here.

Once you cross the rock / small mountain section mentioned in the above picture, keep walking straight you will find the godess slightly hidden in between trees and plants.

உடையார்நத்தம் – தமிழர்கள் வழிபட்ட முதல் தெய்வம் (தமிழர்களின் தாய் தெய்வம் )

Part of the fan rock sculpture is buried in the soil. The area outside the soil is approximately 12 feet high.

(Coordinates: 12.06016, 79.33601)

Adili Amman Temple

Adili Amman Temple is located a little further away. Start following the coordinates (12.06156, 79.33725) continue to walk about 10 mins you will find a ancients followed temple. Even today the villagers and the people who lives nearby this forest worships regularly and their beliefs continues.

(Coordinates: 12.06352, 79.33742)

An anthropomorphic form rock sculpture, Odiyanantham Emakhat, is located 30 feet away from the site of the sculptures. Stone sculptures like these are found in many parts of the world. Similar sculptures have been found in many places in India as well. A similar sculpture has also been found in Mothur village, Palakodu district, Dharmapuri district, Tamil Nadu.

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