Kumara Parvatha Adventure Trek

Very Exciting Sixth Highest Peak In Karnataka

You’ll be surprised to know that the region has some amazing trek trails, and take the exciting trekking in the Western Ghats to re-energize yourself and break off from the routine city life. Kumara Parvatha Trek is a highly recommended trekking adventure activity and it is the highest peak in the Coorg district of Karnataka.

Trek routes to Kumara Parvatha:

1. Kukke Subramanya Route
2. Somwarpet Side

Highlights and places to visit near Kumara Parvatha trek

  • Second highest peak 5600ft
  • Girigadde viewpoint
  • Photography
  • Camping
  • Cave Exploration
  • Sightseeing
  • Bathe in
  • Explore the Wildlife
  • Get Spiritual Relaxation
  • Admire Natural Beauty

This trekking is not just a trek, it is one of the most important journeys in your life. This place is located in Kodagu or Coorg district in Karnataka. To start the trek from almost sea level and climb up to 5,600 feet.

In Karnataka, Coorg has always been a dream world to explore for nature lovers, decorated with many hidden treasures of nature. It is famous for the second-highest peak in Coorg and the sixth peak in Karnataka.

Kumara Parvatha trekking trail:

Bangalore: 258 Km (6 hrs)

Kukke temple: 1.4 Km (20 mins)

Batta mane: 7 Km (3-4 hrs)

Forest checkpoint: 300m (5 mins)

Kallu mantapa 3 Km (1.5 hrs)

Sesha Parvatha: 2 Km (1 hrs)

Peal Kumara Parvatha viewpoint: 2 Km (3 hrs)

Somwarpet: 4 Km (1 hrs)

The divine abode of the lord of snakes – Kukke Subramanya temple:

The mountain lies behind the famous ancient Kukke Subramanya temple. The temple is filled with history and holds a lot of importance among the locals. All over the country people, for the most part from South India visit the temple to get their wishes fulfilled by making offerings. Almost all the time devotees fill the temple premises.

Bhattara Mane – Good place for refreshments and viewpoint :

Around 5km from the base. Bhattara Mane is an ideal place to take a rest. The only source of food on the trek to the top (Bhat’s house). Best viewpoint and don’t miss the sunset.

Shesha Parvatha – Amazing place to experience nature’s wonder:

The name of the Kumara Parvatha is also popularly known as Pushpagiri is the name of the peak, which is hidden most of the time and is visible only after crossing Shesha Parvatha. It is standing tall and right behind the Kukke Subrahmanya temple, with its thick blanket of the lush green forest of the Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary. 

Pushpagiri wildlife sanctuary – Famous tourists’ attraction in Coorgs:

From the starting point of the trek, it’s about 2.5 to 3 hours before you reach the first major checkpoint, the trek is through a tropical rainforest that is a part of the Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary. While you’ll be trekking through dense forest, the thick leaves and roofs offer much-needed shade. You stand still and listen to the forest, you’ll hear the forest come alive with various sounds of nature. After an hour and a half of trek, you’ll come across a boulder called Bheema’s rock.

Kumara Parvatha best time to visit:

October-January (Winter months) is the best time for exploring beauty.

Things to carry on the Kumara Parvatha trek:

  • First aid kit
  • Identity card
  • Caps
  • Trekking poles
  • Backpack
  • Water bottle
  • Torch
  • Tent
  • Sleeping bag

Hot to reach Kumara Parvatha:

By train:

The nearest railway stations to Kumara Parvatha are Mysore and Hassan. The Hubli or Karwar Express or Bangalore Mysore express are the available trains on this route.

By road:

2-3 hours from Coorg to reach Kukke by road. From there you have to walk to reach Kumara Parvatha.

By bus:

The Subramanya bus stand is near the town from where the trail to Kumara Parvatha begins.

Kumara Parvatha, Coorg, Karnataka, India.

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